Joint Literature Dinner with St Helen’s

18 October 2012

The Literature Dinner was opened with a talk by the upcoming author Rebecca Wait, who has managed the remarkable achievement of having published a novel at the young age of twenty four. The fact that she is an ex-St Helens pupil makes this fact even more inspiring for aspiring novelists (of which I'm certain I'm not the only one!) as it's so very close to home and so very real; often, I think, we tend to consider creators of literature in a transcendental world which we can only glimpse into through their work and only dream of entering.

The talk was followed by a dinner which was accompanied by a wonderful quiz; I was delighted to be able to match over half of the book names to covers, but this was a small task compared to the quest that followed it: high speed close critical analysis of an unseen text. This was, without a doubt, pretty tense as well as brilliant fun.

Michael Bicarregui, Lower Sixth


Attending the Literature Dinner was an absolute delight. The inspirational and enlightening talk from Rebecca Wait, a young ex-St Helen's pupil turned published author, opened our eyes to the process of crafting a novel and to the world of publishing, and we were fortunate enough to hear a brief excerpt from her latest novel, The View on the Way Down. She enlightened us to the fact that with focus, perseverance and the right amount of luck it is possible to achieve one's aspirations, however improbable they may seem. Along with the flawlessly organised literary quiz, the social part of the evening was extremely enjoyable. Other than Literary Society and classroom discussions, there are few times to bond with others over a shared love of literature during our busy school lives. So it was great to have an evening where we could chat about our favourite books with other book-lovers over a stunning three-course extravaganza. If you’re reading this and debating doing English for A Level, I would whole-heartedly recommend it. We’re very fortunate to have English departments at both schools that provide us with such a broad scope for learning, therefore to miss out on the fantastic opportunities that they provide would be a great mistake, and as James Joyce once said, “A man of genius makes no mistakes”!

Toby Marlow, Upper Sixth

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