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This page first appeared as an onging series of regatta reports. Reports are listed in reverse order, i.e. the topmost reports are the most recent.

Henley Royal Regatta

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4 July 2003

Update - unfortunately Pangbourne beat the 1st Eight by 3 lengths.

Henley Royal Regatta

3 July 2003

The Eight win by three and a half lengths against Kingston and proceed to the last eight of the competition. Tomorrow's race at 2.40pm against a strong Pangbourne crew will be a real test. Abingdon are racing on the Buckinghamshire side and, with a reasonably strong stream from recent rain, the course may favour Pangbourne very slightly. Radley, in the other half of the draw and fancied by some this year, were knocked out today by St Paul's.

A tense-looking Nick Brodie is published on the HRR website.

2 July 2003

The 1st VIII are pushed hard in the first round by Schiller-Schule whom they beat by 1/3 of a length, winning in one of the fastest times of the day. They were also featured on a BBC regional news bulletin. Tomorrow they have an early start racing Kingston Grammar School at 8.35am.

27 June 2003

Congratulations to the J16 eight on qualifying for Henley. They face Glasgow University in the first round of the Temple Challenge Cup.

The 1st eight defend their title in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup with a first round race against Schiller-Schule, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.




J 16 eight

National Schools Regatta

24 - 25 May 2003

The Boat Club took a number of crews to the National Schools Regatta at Nottingham over half term.

The J15's both made the final. The A crew knocking out Radley on the way; the A crew finished sixth but the J15 2nd crew came away with the silver medal, behind Radley and ahead of Eton. It is the first time in many years that we have made both finals at this age group. The J16's had an eight and two fours. The eight, rowing in the A event only had two opponents, Eton and Radley. Unfortunately although it was a very good race we came third. It was very disappointing that many schools, including some big names, chose to enter the lesser J16B category. Both fours made the final and came third and fourth. The seniors had just the 1st and 2nd eights. The 2nd eight rowed very well both in the heat and the final and timed their pushes well to get the silver medal behind Radley.

The 1st eight had a poor first row and had to make the final through the repechage system. It did mean three hard races in fairly quick succession. The final was a terrific race. We led for a bit at the start but found it a little tough in the middle when we dropped to fourth. We drove hard at the end but could not overhaul St Edwards for third. It finished Pangbourne, Radley, St Edwards and then us. Less than a 1 length (3 seconds) covered all four boats and half a second between St Edwards and us. We did have the consolation of beating St Paul's School again though. They finished fifth.

On Sunday we raced in a few fours events and finished 3rd in J16 coxless fours, 4th in J18 coxless fours and 5th in J18 coxed fours.

Saturday was a little disappointing in some ways but having all our crews in the final was a rae achievement. Well done to all the boys and their coaches.


10 - 11 May 2003

Last weekend was a flury of activity in three countries.

On Saturday most of the club went to the Eton Invitational Rowing Festival - 2nd 8, 3 J15 eights, 2 J14 octuples and a J16 coxed four. It was a complex day of racing with lots of different styles – time trial, one-vs-one and a six boat sprint. People were set to race those of similar speed so not all in age categories. Suffice to say:-

  • The J14 octuples was excellent, fastest A and B.
  • The J15 eights improved through the day.
  • The J16 four defeated many eights, the second eight had two firsts and two seconds in their four races.

It really was a festival of rowing and many thanks need to go to Eton coaches for their organisation.

The 1st eight and J16 eights went to Ghent and we had a good weekend of racing. The 1st eight were two men down (Jamie Anderson and Nick Brodie) but managed to get silver in U 23 coxed fours and u23 eights. We finished behind Hampton School in the eights but it was a decent result and we learned a lot from racing.

Finally, Jamie Anderson and Nick Brodie went to Munich with the Great Britain Juniors. Jamie , rowing a pair, missed the A-final on Saturday after mis-judging the race really but won the B-final with ease cruising through the French pair in the latter stages. He won gold in the A final on the Sunday. Nick Brodie coxed the eight and after scraping into the final he fired them up in the last 500m to take bronze medal on the line from the Spanish. Some impressive results.

Wallingford Regatta

(now held at Dorney Lake)

3 May 2003

Crews from all age groups were present, and some really good racing took place over the 6-lane 1500m course.

The J16s (slightly weakened) had some trouble in the form of Eton, who beat them in both the IV and VIII. The J14s had their second racing outing, but faced much stiffer competition, as did the J15 crews.

The 1st VIII competed in the 'Senior 2' and 'Junior' VIIIs divisions. In S2 they finished 3rd, behind a very strong Pangbourne crew, and Molesey RC, but beating old rivals St. Paul's by over a length. In Junior VIIIs the 1st VIII had a very good race, and beat the same Pangbourne crew by 3/4 of length to win the event.

Congratulations to all competitors, and thanks to AJPE, TJCG, RSS and MDM.

Agde Regatta

(and training camp), France

13 April 2003

The boat club travelled to Agde, in the south of France for an Easter training camp (9th-15th April). On Sunday 13th the Seniors and J16s competed in a local regatta - held over a 1000m tidal stretch away from the river mouth. In the morning, the senior pair (Jack Tarrell and Jamie Anderson) raced against a pair from Imperial College London (who were also training in Agde) who had recently finished 11th at Great Britain senior trials.

The senior pair finished 2nd in their event of 5 pairs, and were given a bottle of wine for their performance. The J16 pair of Brian Cullen and Henry Lester finished first in their event - a comfortable win, and were awarded a trophy for their efforts.

The J16 four also performed well, and the J16 eight won the final race of the regatta (as the tide turned) in the fastest time of the day! They still maintain their unbeaten title. The 1st VIII came 2nd to Imperial College (after being rammed by the 2nd eight in the first 100m), and the senior coxed and coxless fours both finished 2nd (again to Imperial College!). A good days racing, in the middle of a great training camp. Many thanks to Tim Guiver and Howard Feather for coaching the J16s, and thanks to Paul Williams and Mike Martin for driving the trailer and giving up their holidays to coach us.

Jamie Anderson

Head of the River Race

29 March 2003

The 1st and 2nd VIIIs travelled to London to the Head of the River Race - a huge event of about 500 mens eights (schools, universities, clubs and international crews) rowing the 7km tideway course. Both crews boated from St. Paul's School Boat Club - about 5km from the start. Due to illness there was some last minute rearrangement of crews, but this did not affect them too much. The 1st VIII had a much smoother race than their last appearance on the tideway (at SHORR), overtaking the Army at about half-way. Unfortunately they received a time penalty for “dangerous and aggressive steering towards the black buoy”, but the crew were pleased with the general feel of the race. With the time penalty they finished 101st overall, finishing behind Pangbourne, St. Paul's and Radley. The 2nd VIII performed particularly well finishing 165th. Thanks to Mike Martin.

Jamie Anderson

Division Crew Time Start position Finish Position School position
S.2 Pangbourne College 18 29.72 69 48 1st
S.2 St Paul's School I 18 43.60 180 66 2nd
S.3 Radley College 18 48.84 106 78 3rd
S.3 St Paul's School II 18 58.16   N 301 98 4th
S.2 Abingdon School I 18 59.81   P 41 101 5th
S.4 St Peter's School, York 19 0.26 264 103 6th
S.3 Hampton School 19 0.76 78 104 7th
S.2 Westminster School 19 2.08 70 107 8th
S.3 Abingdon School II 19 22.66 246 165  

Schools Head of the River

13 March 2003

Abingdon sent a full complement of crews to the Schools Head of the River Race held on the tideway. The conditions were average for the stretch, with a nasty headwind over the longer straights.

The 1st VIII went off first of the 220 or so crews at 12.00pm. They raced well, and showed some real power in the first half of the race. However, St. Paul's 1st VIII were hot on their heals from the start, and were the superior crew. St. Paul's drew almost level by the finish, catching up 12 seconds over the 7.5km course. Pangbourne's 1st VIII were also on top form, pipping the Abingdon crew by 1 second. A promising start, but still lots of work to do.


1st VIII


1 St. Paul's 1st 8 00:18:41
2 Pangbourne 1st 8 00:18:52
3 Abingdon 1st 8 00:18:53
13 Abingdon J16 8 00:19:27 (1st in event)
115 St. Edward's J16 4+ 00:21:30
128 Abingdon J16 4+ 00:21:48 (2nd in event)

Once again, the J16s showed that they are a force to be reckoned with; winning their event by 6 seconds over Eton A - beating many 1st and 2nd VIIIs in the process. The J16 4+ also did well, and finished 2nd in their event. Congratulations to both crews.

Thanks to MDM, TJCG, PRW and RSS.

Jamie Anderson


J16 winners

Worcester Head of the River

1 March 2003

The boat club sent a large contingent to the Worcester Head. At 12.00pm, in division 1, we raced over the 6km course into a stiff headwind. The Junior four won their event comfortably - the fastest coxed four of the day (and the third fastest boat of the morning). We also had wins from the S3, S4 and J16 coxed fours, who all coped extremely well with the harsh conditions. At 3.00pm, in division 2, we raced in eights. The conditions were still very difficult and uncomfortable, but everyone raced well. The J16 eight won their event by almost 3 minutes - another very impressive result. The S2 finished 3rd of the school clubs, behind Shrewsbury and Hampton. Congratulations to all, and thanks to MDM and RSS.

Jamie Anderson



1st VIII





2nd VIII

Peterborough Head

1 February 2003

The school sent 40 boys to race in the events at Peterborough. It is a long race over a fairly straight and plain course on the River Nene.

The aim of the day as to blow away the cobwebs from winter training and get in to a race situation. It had the desired effect.

Jack Tarrell and Jamie Anderson, fastest pair. We raced in four pairs at 10:00am with Jack Tarrell and Jamie Anderson leading the field and winning the Senior 2 event - the fastest pair on the day.

The J16 ‘s went next and won the Novice fours event emphatically - overtaking all of their opponents in the time trial event. That was Tom Woods, Michael White, James Stanier, Nick Turnbull and cox Dan Boardman.

Onto the eights which raced over 5000m into a stiff head wind. Our Junior crew won the Junior event by a long way - although many schools chose to race elsewhere this weekend - (Bedford School were over a minute behind). We did, in fact, finish 2nd overall beaten only by Nottingham Boat Club and ahead of many decent club and University crews. A pleasing first outing.

The 2nd eight rowed well in Senior 3 and finished strongly in the event (only 11 seconds behind Bedford School 1st eight).

The J16’s and 3rd eight battled each other in the Novice eights - won by the J16’s, who looked good - but both were defeated by Imperial College who won the Novice event.

A good days racing and well done to all the boys who raced. It was tough to battle through the snow, rain, mud and wind (and a little sunshine) at Peterborough and they coped admirably and with good humour. Thanks also to Mr Henderson for assisting as driver.


Head of the Charles, Boston USA

On Wednesday the 16th of October 2002, the school boat club travels to Boston in New England, USA with two senior VIII's to compete in the 38th Head of the Charles race.

The 1st Eight
The 1st Eight at the Head of the Charles, October 2002

The Head of the Charles is amongst the largest and most prestigious in the world and boasts an entry of over 7000 competitors. The two crews going are the provisional 1st VIII and a development VIII which will compete for places in the 1st VIII during the season; both crews will be racing in different events over the weekend of the 19th of October.

As well as training during the three days prior to the event, the crews will also remain in the USA for a further week of training during which time they will be staying with families of boys from St. Johns High School in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Felix Hemsley writes:

'We are hoping to get some good results to set us in good stead for racing closer to home in the near future, with the aim of building on the successes of last year's triumphant crew.'

29 October 2002

The A Crew rows on Sunday in the youth eights - unofficial result: time 16:27.322, position 13th out of 51.
Looking at the results they appear to be the second fastest school's crew behind St Joseph's prep… but this is very unofficial…

The B Crew on Saturday in the club eights - unofficial results: time 18:42.528, position 47th out of 49.
They incurred a 1 minute penalty

The Head of the Charles website previews the Men's Youth Eight (in which our A eight row), Event #11M as follows:

Harvard under the label Charles River Rowing Association won this event for the third year in a row. Their closest competitor over three miles in 2001 was Northeastern University. In his inaugural year, Seth Brennan took the Huskies to second place but has recently moved to coach the Quakers of University of Pennsylvania who placed 8th last year. A West Coast high school rivalry will be played out, Oregon Rowing Unlimited, 3rd in 2001 outpaced Seattle's Green Lake Crew by 2 seconds. International crews include South Africa’s St. Benedicts College (RSA), returning form 11th place in 2001, Abingdon School (GBR), Homberger Roklub (GER) and Frankfuter Rudergesellschaft Germania (GER). A competitive push on the field will be lead by Philadelphia rowing powerhouse St. Joseph Prepatory (PA), 5th place in 2001, Marin BC (CA) and Northern Virginia RC (VA).

The www.row2k.com website says this:

International rowing institutions will be represented at this year's regatta. Record 17 different countries from 52 different clubs and rowing federations will send crews. From Istanbul, Turkey the Fenerbahce Spor Kulub (TUR) will join the ranks of the Head Of The Charles Regatta in both the Club 8 and Club 4. Club Espana R.C. (MEX) and Amatitlan Rowing Club (GTL) from Guatemala and from Nigeria's Helena Sports Club (NGR) has two boats entered in the Regatta. Halifax Rowing Club (CAN) is the most easterly rowing club from North America to travel to Boston. Republic of South Africa’s St. Benedicts College (RSA) will make the trip and Beyer Leverkusen (GER) they will bring their German national champions in the lightweight 8 and youth 4. Sydney University Boat Club (AUS) should be competitive in the Men's Championship 8 and Abingdon School Boat Club (GBR) will give the Men's Youth 8's from the US a run for their dollar.


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