Get Writing!

The opportunities to get involved with writing and journalism at Abingdon are varied and extensive. The School magazine, ‘The Abingdonian’, is over a century old and there are several long-standing subject-related publications. Most of the material is predominantly student produced and it often takes a satirical look at school life. There are also plenty of opportunities to explore creative writing and philosophy.

  • Where: Library
  • Who: Fourth year and above
  • When: Wednesday, P7
  • i/c: AJJ

The Abingdonian is an annual publication that provides a review of a year’s events at Abingdon. Those joining the editorial team will be responsible for commissioning and editing articles and designing the magazine layout with the aim of publication at the end of the Michaelmas Term.

  • Where: Various locations
  • When: Wednesdays P7/8
  • Who: Sixth Form
  • i/c: TOEJ

The Axiom is the Philosophy publication for Abingdon School with contributions from the pupils themselves. We meet once per week to critically discuss articles, works of Philosophers and explore Philosophy through Film, Art, Music, Science Fiction and any other genre where Philosophy is present. The Axiom gives the boys the opportunity to write their own articles, submit creative contribution, edit the publication and design the layout. The Axiom is published at the end of each term. We aim to spark interest in the popular subject of Philosophy and develop the creative juices of those already inspired.

  • Where: Library
  • When: Wednesday P7
  • Who: Lower School
  • i/c: AJJ

‘The Blazer’, launched in 2011, is a magazine designed by Lower School boys for Lower School boys. Members of the editorial team write articles and conduct interviews with the aim of producing four issues a year.

Scribble is a weekly creative writing club for the third year run in collaboration with SHSK. Whether you have ambitions to be the next Charles Dickens or whether you simply want to improve your creative writing and have the chance to share it with others in a constructive and congenial way, then you should seriously think about joining Scribble. The sessions cover a wide range of exciting and stimulating writing tasks in a range of forms and genres. The two terms culminate in the production of a publication which anthologises the work of the group.

  • Where: M102
  • When: Thursday P8 (although participants will need to commit to working in their free time)
  • Who: 3rd Year - Upper Sixth
  • i/c: EJW

‘The Martlet’ is Abingdon’s student newspaper, covering both school news and features, as well as national and international stories. If you are interested in journalism, creative writing, photography or working on the design side of the newspaper, please contact the team.

  • Where: M206
  • When: Tuesday P8
  • Who: 4th Year and above
  • i/c: REH

'The Polyglot' is a termly, student-led Modern Foreign Languages journal, which will cover the large and popular areas of languages, linguistics and foreign affairs. It comprises a variety of essays, reviews and interviews written in French, Spanish and German - in addition to a number of more meaty articles in English incorporating politics, opinion and history. The magazine is open to article proposals from all boys and staff interested in languages and foreign cultures, and is looking for 4th/5th/6th formers to join the production and design team.

  • Where: M106
  • When: Thursday P8
  • Who: 4th Year and above
  • i/c: RP
Take a trip into the unknown; as a wise man once said, ‘writing is exploration; and most of the time, I’m surprised where the journey takes me.’ Visit aspects of character, genre, setting, mystery and metafiction as we create our own pieces and publish our work. In the steps of Brin’s postman we walk through the harsh landscapes of reality and deliver the impossible.
  • Where: GICT
  • When: Monday P8
  • Who: All years
  • i/c: DRM

Timeline is a History magazine which is written and edited by students. It comes out twice a year. Articles are on subjects the students are interested in and anyone can submit work. 

  • Where: B12 or Mercers' Court/Greening ICT Suite
  • When: Wednesday P7
  • Who: 4th Year and above
  • i/c: KSRC

Words & That is a collaborative student-led literary publication. It combines the best of Abingdon's talent and showcases all forms of art, music, cultural debate and creative writing. 

Boys work together to produce an innovative and dynamic publication each term. 

It's a great opportunity for those of you with imaginative flair, an interest in design, art, poetry, fiction writing and current affairs.