Finance and Business

Ideal for students looking to apply their skills and gain experience of the fast-changing financial world. Activities include gaining an insight into investment and taking part in national competitions. We also welcome a variety of visiting speakers.

The Economics Society gathers, together with pupils from St Helen’s, once a fortnight to discuss and engage with the world of economics through a variety of activities. These activities include, for example, pupil presentations, writing for essay competitions, watching and discussing online lectures, and playing some economics-related games. Approximately once a term, the society listens to a talk from an individual either from the world of business or academia. This gives pupils a chance to understand the practical application of some of the ideas they have learnt about in class. The talks are normally 40 minutes long and there is a chance for pupils to pose questions at the end of the lecture.

The course will give you an introduction to the World of Finance, and provide you with an understanding of the markets that is crucial in the highly connected world we live in.

You will learn how to trade and build financial models, applying your knowledge in a trading room simulation to real-life situations in a competitive environment, with each trader managing a mixed portfolio of $1m from Day 1. 

Perks include boosting your CV / Personal Statement through membership, unparalleled access to financial analysis information, learning about work experience/careers in the sector, gaining edge to be employable in the highly competitive job market of today, all while having the opportunity to link in with professionals in the industry. 

What does the challenge involve?

The Student Investor Challenge is designed for teams of four students and has three rounds. The competition is open to teams from anywhere in the world, however teams from schools based outside the UK are only able to take part in the first round of the challenge and are only eligible for some of the prizes on offer.

How do teams register?

Each team must consist of four students who will be aged 14-19 in the school year of the competition. Each school/college can register as many teams as they like, but each student can only belong to one team. All members of a team must be from the same school/college and each team must have the support of a teacher.

Young Enterprise (for Fourth Years only) provides the opportunity to set up and run your own company. You will sell shares to raise capital and elect directors to manage the day- to-day running of your business. You will be part of a national competition and you will need to sell your goods or service in the real world to customers who demand quality and competitive prices. This is an activity for highly motivated individuals with entrepreneurial instincts.