Economics and Business Students Spend a Day in London

27 June 2016

A group of 18 lower sixth Economics and Business students, along with 3 staff, spent a productive and insightful day in London today. In the morning we had a guided tour of London’s Silicon Roundabout and Tech City by a company called ‘Insider London.’ This tour examined how and why such a small area of the Capital is beginning to rival California's Silicon Valley and why it has been crucial to the UK’s post-recession recovery. Topics such as external economies of scale, clusters and business ecosystems were covered, all of which are important aspects of Edexcel’s Theme 3 for Microeconomics. The potential impact of BREXIT on this important area of London was also discussed. In the afternoon we visited The Bank of England’s education centre for a lecture on how the Bank keeps the economy on an even keel and students also had a chance to visit the Bank’s interactive museum. This all linked exceptionally well to Edexcel's Theme 4 in Macroeconomics, and again, was particularly interesting in the context of the UK's future departure from the EU.

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