ASPA Car Share

Would you like to share the school run?

ASPA is currently aiming to renew interest in its car sharing initiative for those who live off the Abingdon bus route circuit. As part of this, we are in the process of liaising with St Helen's and Our Lady's to explore a joint venture. If you are interested in sharing lifts to and/or from school please register your interest by providing as much information as possible, particularly:

  • your contact details (name, address including postcode, phone number and email)
  • the number of boys needing a lift
  • whether a lift is needed for both ends of the day or just one trip
  • whether you would be willing to offer a lift one way

Submit this information by email.

Your email will be acknowledged. In cases where there is a likely match we will contact both families at the same time by email, providing the information you have given us. The families can then take things further if they so wish. NB: This is a scheme organised by the Abingdon School Parents’ Association (not the school) to assist parents. By submitting your information you are agreeing to your contact details being shared with other parents at Abingdon and at St Helen's and Our Lady's if either/both schools join the scheme.