10-in-10 Bursary Appeal

Give the Gift of an Abingdon Education… through our 10-in-10 Bursary Appeal

A key to opening doors of future opportunity is gaining access to quality education today, an education such as that which Abingdon School offers, where boys who take advantage of what we offer have every chance of achieving their full potential, going on to university, and successfully starting a career of their choice.

Access to an Abingdon education, regardless of financial means, has always been, and remains today, a core value of the School. We believe that able boys from families who cannot afford to pay full fees should have a chance to come here too.

As a direct grant grammar school after WW2, Abingdon was either free or relatively inexpensive. However, when the direct grant system was abolished in 1976, Abingdon went independent (there were already three other state comprehensive schools in town and no appetite for a fourth). Since then, the full cost of an Abingdon education has been borne by the families of pupils.

For families who cannot afford the full cost of fees, Abingdon provides means-tested bursaries up to 100% of fees. Approximately 60 Abingdon families currently benefit from bursary support each year, which we feel most fortunate to be able to offer, but we want to do more, a lot more.

Our ambitious goal is to double, by 2025, the number of pupils we support with bursaries, from 60 to 120 per year. This will require raising approximately £10 million in donations and legacies over the next ten years.To achieve this ambitious goal, individuals and organisations from across the school community, and beyond, will need to give generously. Both expendable funds and permanent endowment will be needed.

If you believe in the importance of bursaries and wish to help more boys gain access to an Abingdon education, when it would otherwise not be possible for them, please give. Every donation is valued, whatever its size. Please give to our 10-in-10 Bursary Appeal. Read our Q&As and then donate online.