Boat Club News

30 March 2017

A good 1st term for the rowing crews with lots of progress from January.

Highlights included wins for the Senior VIIIs at Wycliffe Head and Henley Head, 3rd at Hammersmith Head.

Wins and 2nd place for the J16s at Wycliffe and Henley. 3rd at Hammersmith Head.

2nd place at Wycliffe Head for J15s.

Success for the J14s in matches against St Edward’s and Radley.

At the Schools Head in London on the Boat Race course against all the top junior crews in the country the results were.

1st VIII 10th
2nd VIII 4th
3rd IV 12th
J16 A 8th
J16 B 7th
J15 A 10th
J15 B 8th

At their first national race the J14s did very well at the National Junior Sculling Head. Results were:

J14 A 7th
J14 B 5th
J14 C 3rd
J14 D 4th

Real strength in depth from the 3rd Year with all four crews in the top 30 of the whole event and only Hampton matching this strength in depth.

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