ASP: Scouts and Beavers Visit

4 May 2016

The Abingdon Science Partnership at Abingdon School was delighted to be able to help the 30th Abingdon Beaver group to investigate methods of water purification, as part of the Scout movement's 'Million Hands' project for developing countries. The Beavers first made some dirty water then learnt how to use filtration and evaporation to separate the clean water out again. At the end of the session all 12 Beavers were awarded their Science Investigation badge. Later the same evening, the 30th Abingdon Scouts visited the ASP Lab, in the Yang Science Centre, to carry out their own investigations on water purification. Using an activity designed by the development charity Practical Action, they designed and built water filters and competed in teams to see which design was best. The only problem was that each team represented a different country with different amounts of resources and technical expertise at their disposal. This gave the Scouts a real appreciation of the problems faced by developing countries, although the final outcome, with Team India producing cleaner water than Team USA, showed that unlimited resources cannot always beat ingenuity and innovation in solving global issues.

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