Annual Film Unit Screening

19 May 2010

The Annual Film Unit screening takes place at 7.30pm in the Amey Theatre, with free wine / soft drinks and refreshments in the foyer from about 6.50pm.

This year there are 11 short films, ranging in length from about one to twenty three minutes. Highlights include James Yan's 12 minute film about a man in Beijing who has been living with AIDS and battling the stigma that illness carries in China; a 1 minute animated re-working of Beckett's Waiting for Godot; a snapshot of a translator's life at the U.N. headquarters in Geneva and a short film about the work of "Eine", one of the UK's leading graffiti artists who has gone from vandal to art house favourite in a few years. There will also be another chance to see the Moldova documentary, "One Foot on the Ground".

Boys whose work will be on display are:

Freddie Barber
Tom Bateman
Michael Bicarregui
Henrik Cox
Fred Clamp-Gray
Matthew Copson
Henry Dunbar
Chris Hyde
Tian Ji
Pierre Leveque
Will McDowell
Evan Westenbrink
James Yan
Chris Young