Web Links

Abingdon School's Page on the Independent Schools Council website contains more information about the school.

Abingdon's entry in the Good Schools Guide.

Abingdon School is affiliated to HMC.

St Helen and St Katharine
with whom there is joint teaching of some A levels.

Abingdon Preparatory School,
Formerly Josca's, merged with Abingdon in 1998, is a thriving day prep school with 250 boys from ages 4 to 13.

The Manor Preparatory School
with whom Abingdon Prep School, has a very close association.

Old Abingdonian Club
Website for old Abingdonians. Now developing rapidly into a source of news and information and the best way to contact lost school friends.

The Abingdon School Study Site
An internal site used by departments to provide good internet links for teaching, and other information.

Vale of White Horse
Information about the Vale of the White Horse, which encompasses the area between the Ridgeway and the River Thames including Abingdon.

Christ's Hospital of Abingdon
Formally involved in education of Abingdon boys from 1608 until 1870, Christ's Hospital administered and appointed Bennett Scholars and Tesdale Ushers at Abingdon School. Since 1870 the connection between Christ's Hospital and Abingdon School has remained close.