Our two main entries are Reception and Year 3 (aged 7).  We do occasionally have places available in other years and pupils can be registered at any age. To find out what places are available please contact the Admissions Manager by telephone on 01865 392303 or by email to admissions.manager@abingdonprep.org.uk.

We take pupils in the September following their fourth birthday.

From Reception to Year 2 there is one form of approximately 16 pupils. At Year 3 we accept an additional 12-15 pupils and we form two year groups. We do as much as we can to ensure that these groups are parallel in ability. There are approximately equal numbers of existing and new pupils placed in both forms. Boys are encouraged to form new friendships and teachers ensure that the integration happens smoothly. Our parents association also arrange informal gatherings for parents to mix and get to know each other. Every effort is made to ensure each boy settles happily into the new environment.

Abingdon takes boys from primary schools at year 7 (age 11) and boys from preparatory schools at year 9 (age 13). Boys from Abingdon Prep School transfer to the senior school at Year 9.
Some boys moving from a primary school at year 7 may be better suited to the Abingdon Prep School environment for Years 7 and 8 rather than entering the senior school in year 7.

Our aim is to ensure that boys transfer to the school that will suit them best and develop their qualities and self confidence the most. Although the vast majority of our boys do transfer to Abingdon there are occasions when this will not be appropriate.

In most years between 70 and 85 % of boys will be able to transfer to Abingdon.

This is completely understandable and Abingdon Prep boys regularly win places at a range of excellent secondary schools including Radley College, Magdalen College School, St Edward's School and Cokethorpe.

After you have had a look at our web site and prospectus please call us to arrange to visit the school and meet the Headmaster and staff. If you decide that you would be interested in a place for your child, please complete a registration form and return it to us. At that stage:

  • The School would check for availability for the year you are interested in. If a place is not available we would ask if you wanted to be placed on the waiting list.
  • If a place is available we would invite your child for an assessment day
  • A place would be offered subject to the assessment day and previous school references where appropriate
  • Full details of the admissions process can be obtained from the Admissions Manager

The assessment day is designed to give your child a 'taste' of life at Abingdon Prep, to make friends, meet staff and get a feel for the School. Children spend the day with their potential class or in reception and join in a typical school day. We feel this is the best way to get to know the School. The day does involve some informal assessment for younger pupils and more formal testing higher up the School.

Assessments depend on the age of the child. We have no formal academic testing at age four but we are looking for personal independence and some social maturity, for example the ability to share and take turns. This will help boys to mix successfully with the rest of the form and help everyone settle happily in their first days.

Pupils who join after the age of four are given some informal testing to ensure that they will fit comfortably into the academic and social range of the class that has been established. Older pupils will have more extensive testing in English and Mathematics.

There is no typical 'Abingdon Prep School child' but as we try to offer a wide range of activities and opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, we very much hope that our pupils will have enthusiasm and energy. We hope that by the time a child leaves the School they will be confident and look forward to the academic and extra-curricular challenges that will await them in their senior schools.

French is taught from Year 1. In the first two years the lessons are mainly oral with more formal teaching starting in Year 3. Participation and enjoying the language is paramount with trips to French bistros and performing French plays. In Year 7 pupils travel to Boulogne for a day trip and Year 8 spend a week in Normandy.

Latin is taught from Year 6.

Pupils are streamed in mathematics, the sciences and languages. Streaming takes place when the relevant teachers consider it to be educationally beneficial to the specific year group. This is likely to be in Year 5 - but it could take place earlier if required.