Life in House

"The overwhelming majority of parents responding said that their children enjoy boarding and that this experience supports their progress and development." - ISI Inspection

Boarding houses offer a unique way of life to over 130 boys here at Abingdon. The boys have the opportunity to learn to be more independent than they might be at home; for instance deciding how to look after their clothes and possessions, when to send things to the laundry, to ensure they eat regularly and in matters of personal hygiene. While there are set ‘prep’ times to ensure that there are periods of quiet, many boys will work beyond these hours and, again, the self-discipline and organisational skills learned, prepare the boys well for university and life.

"The boarders say that they learn to co-operate with each other, develop the resilience to cope with setbacks and acquire the habit of hard work." ISI Inspection

The community life amongst boarders is particularly strong and important. All boys are encouraged to take an active part in the numerous trips, events and activities arranged specifically for them in the evenings and at weekends (see Boarding Activities). In the houses, there are communal rooms with table-tennis, table football, pool, computers and a TV and the integration of both boarders and day boys is at its most effective here. The boys interact well and enjoy the friendships that develop in such surroundings and in the house kitchen, where they can prepare food, have snacks or simply sit and talk.

"Houses are warm, homely, brightly lit and well maintained." - ISI Inspection

Boys in Years 3-5 generally share in rooms of three or four beds, while sixth formers are in twin or single rooms, with occasional triple rooms. Facilities in the houses are very good and constantly being improved, with a rolling refurbishment programme in place over five years. The houses are equipped with wireless internet which provides the boys with the same IT facilities as at home. We expect boys to be responsible users and an ongoing programme of internet education is a feature of our boarders pastoral and welfare sessions.

The catering is managed by Sodexo and boarders have an impressive choice of food at all meal times, including a substantial full English breakfast option every day and a varied and substantial brunch on Sundays. Boys are expected to attend all meals.

"Communication between home and school is excellent. Boarders can contact their parents and carers as often as they wish." - ISI Inspection