Boarding Activities

Abingdon is widely acknowledged to have a remarkable ‘Other Half’ programme of sports, culture and numerous other activities which run alongside the academic timetable.

"The boarders enjoy a wide range of cultural, creative and sporting activities." - ISI Inspection

The boarding programme is regarded very much as an extension of this and boys are encouraged to take full advantage of the diverse range of events, trips and activities available to them. Boys in Year 3 are expected to take part in all trips and activities provided for them. Boys in Years 4 and 5 participate in a specific number of such activities each term and sign up accordingly. Sixth form students are encouraged to remain involved too.

The programme for this year has included paintballing, sailing, trips to London, Oxford and theme parks, socials with girls’ schools, punting, bowling, ice-skating and much more. Within the boarding community we also have joint and individual ‘in-house’ activities and socials, ranging from inter-house sports to summer barbecues, cooking and movie nights.

Abingdon prides itself on its remarkable and diverse boarding activities and events programme. We constantly strive to come up with new and unusual opportunities for the boys and the schedule for this year will undoubtedly be the most comprehensive and best we have yet offered.