Crescent House - A Guide to Boarding

Welcome from Mr Kendry

Welcome to Crescent House - I am very much looking forward to meeting you! I am Mr Kendry, the Housemaster of Crescent House, and it is my job to look after you while you are at Abingdon School. I live in the boarding house with my wife Leah and our children Eloise, Amelia and Arthur. I will be spending time getting to know you when you first arrive. I will also be helping you get to know your new surroundings. I am very fortunate to have the help of a number of other teachers, called tutors, who look after smaller groups of pupils within the house. Mr Barnes (my Assistant Housemaster) and Mr Griffin live in one of the Crescent buildings, while Miss Poole, Mr Deasy and Mr Pemberton help look after the house in the evenings and weekends. Mrs King, Miss Engel-Hart, Dr Willis and Mr Whitworth are also part of the tutor team. Jo Deaves-Small is the house matron and is here to help look after you during the day from Monday to Friday. You will meet all of them when you arrive and you will be introduced to your tutor. I know that you will be feeling excited but also nervous about arriving at Abingdon School and joining Crescent House. I am here to help you get to understand the life of the school and the house. You will have many questions and you should ask me, or any one of the tutors, for help whenever you need it. I look forward to meeting you in person in September.

Mr Matthew Kendry
Head of Boarding
Housemaster of Crescent House 

Welcome from the Head of House

Hi everyone and welcome to Crescent house! Firstly I have to congratulate all of you, by matter of luck you just got into the best boarding house in school! Here in Crescent house we have a variety of opportunities for you guys to develop as a person over the years to come. The prefect team, tutors and Mr. Kendry will do anything to help you with that and solve any problems or concerns you may have. As soon as you join Crescent you will understand that we all function as a team, to simply be the best, and no matter what you strength and weaknesses there will always be a place for you. There is a whole variety of people here in Crescent, you will always be able to find a friend who will share you interests with you. Also don’t be afraid of any sort of cultural differences, here in Crescent we have plenty of people from different backgrounds living together in peace and harmony. Just remember, our job is to keep you happy, and whatever opinion you have about boarding life now, will change for better by the time you leave Crescent House.

Evgeniy Neviditsin

Crescent House

You may be wondering what Crescent House is. It is first and foremost a home, where you will live while you are at Abingdon School. However, it is also a small community within the school. Located on the edge of the campus, Crescent House is home to 56 boarders and 51 days boys aged 13-18 years. The House consists of three separate buildings known as Crescent, Cobban and Glyndowr. We are fortunate to have extensive grounds, an orchard, and tennis courts, providing plenty of space for outdoor games and (weather permitting!) barbecues. You will have a room in one of the three buildings, and the House as a whole has communal facilities that are shared, such as a kitchen, a TV room, a Games room and a Computer room. Boys have access to a large-screen TV with satellite and an Xbox. The large kitchen allows the boys to make snacks or cook for themselves.

Middle School boys (13-16) are accommodated in three or four bed rooms while the older boys are in two- or three-bed rooms, of which many are en-suite. In the 3rd and 4th Year boys rotate rooms once a term so that they have the opportunity to create a wide network of friends. The boys undertake prep (homework) in either the Games Room or their rooms, and all have wifi access. In addition to this there is a computer room with Macs and printing facilities.

The House has a mixture of boarders and dayboys. The House community is there to help each other through the challenges of school life. We have teams that compete with other houses in the School, and social events that bring different groups together. The other pupils in the House will quickly become your friends and will probably be the people who share your best moments at Abingdon with.

Our hope is that boys will come to view Crescent House as a second home where they can work, play and relax in a varied and supportive environment. The boys play an integral role in the running of the House whether it is suggesting changes through the House Council, as mentors to new boys or as House Prefects. Ultimately we hope that Crescent House will enhance the Abingdon experience, build confidence and independence and be a place where boys will make life-long friends.

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Useful contact details

Mr Kendry’s contact details:
01235 849046 07912 203376
Crescent House address: 21 Park Crescent, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1DD, UK
Address for boys’ post: 20 Park Crescent, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1DD, United Kingdom
Address for boys’ parcels: Abingdon School, Faringdon Lodge, Faringdon Road, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1BQ, United Kingdom
Crescent House Duty Mobile number: +44 7557 443150

Contact details for other members of staff can be found on Contact details and the Staff List.

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