Austin House - A Guide to Boarding

Welcome from Mr Golding

Welcome to Austin House. I am very much looking forward to meeting you! I am Mr Golding. I am the Housemaster of Austin house and it is my job to look after you while you are at Abingdon School. I live in the boarding house with my wife, Beccy, our children, Henry, Oliver and Emily, and our dog, Max. I will be spending some time getting to know you when you first arrive. I will also be helping you get to know your new surroundings. I am very fortunate to have the help of a number of other teachers, called tutors, who look after smaller groups of pupils within the house. You will meet them when you arrive and you will be introduced to your tutor. I know that you will be feeling excited but also nervous about arriving at Abingdon School and joining Austin House. I am here to help you get to understand the life of the school and the house. You will have many questions and you should ask me, or any one of the tutors, for help whenever you need it. You may be wondering what Austin House is! It is actually a home, a physical building, where you will live with 25 other boarders while you are at Abingdon School. However, it is also a small community within the School. Austin House has a mixture of boarders and dayboys. The house community is there to help each other through the challenges of school life. We have teams that compete with other houses in the school, and social events that bring different groups together. The other pupils in the house will quickly become your friends and will probably be the people who share your best moments at Abingdon with. To find out more you should read through each section of the handbook carefully.

I look forward to meeting you in person in September.

Mr Golding

Austin House provides the support and encouragement necessary for pupils to achieve academic success, develop self-confidence and independence and become concerned and responsible members of society. The house is a community that helps it members through the challenges they face in their time at Abingdon School and celebrates their successes and achievements. Crucially it is a place where pupils form friendships and learn social skills that will last them for the rest of their lives.

Austin House combines day pupils aged 14-18 years old with boarders, many of whom have joined the house from abroad. The house, therefore, offers opportunities for day pupils and boarders to get to know one another, for pupils to convert to boarding and for pupils to experience a range of cultures.

Dayboys and boarders benefit from recreational facilities in the games room, the workspace provided by the house library and the relaxing environment of the house garden. Boarders have study bedrooms, shared with one or two other students, many of which have en-suite facilities. There is also a TV room and kitchen, with a pool table and cooking facilities.

Mr Golding, the Housemaster, heads up a highly experienced and enthusiastic team of tutors, and is supported by the house Matron, Helen Whitworth. Between them the house staff look after the academic and pastoral concerns of the pupils in the house.

To get a more in depth insight into the activities of the boys in the house take a look at our newsletter, House Heroes, the video review of the year. You can also look at the boarding news page to find out about past events.

History of Austin House, formerly Davies' House

Welcome from the Boarding Prefects

Hello new housemates! Welcome to Austin house. Some of you might be boarding novices, others boarding veterans. No matter your level of boarding school experience, we the prefects of Austin House are here to help. Learning the ropes in a new school, new town, and with new people is always challenging. Luckily for you we are here to make that challenge easier to tackle. As mentioned before, your primary challenge is adaptation and organisation. But don’t worry because when you start school you can find out anything about your personal schedule and directions from us, the prefects from Austin, or a member of staff. Boarding isn’t all about following a schedule, telling you when you are meant to sleep, eat and work. It is also about gaining new experiences, making friends from different cultural backgrounds, trying things outside of your comfort zone. There are a range of activities you can try your hands on e.g. cooking, paintballing, live rugby matches. Despite the word of the boarding critics it is actually an exciting adventure. Forgive me for the use of a cliché in the previous sentence and also for the use of another in the following. The Boarding community is like a home away from home. Here in Austin we consider ourselves as family. Long lasting friendships are waiting to be discovered and understanding how to cooperate, with a different variety of people, is one skill you gain within Austin. For those parents reading this. Don’t worry Boarding isn’t a giant playground. We do get a lot of work done. Working with serious minded people will help your child achieve best grades he possibly can. Without further ado, Welcome to Austin House.

Useful contact details

Mr Golding’s contact details:
01235 849056
Austin House address: 76 Bath Street, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1EB, UK
Austin House Duty Mobile number: +447583 985376

Contact details for other members of staff can be found on Contact details and the Staff List.

For further information, see each handbook section: